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Small Business Consulting and Services

The Summerhays Group, now a part of Larson & Company, provides more than just annual financial statements and tax preparation for growing businesses. We offer dependable consulting and services that are designed to meet your specific tax and accounting needs. Whether you are looking for a proficient alternative to in-house bookkeeping or a dedicated accounting consultant, you’ll find the perfect working partner in us.

Better Business Decisions

We want you to actually understand what your reports mean! Therefore we are passionate about teaching how to interpret them. Furthermore, we offer assistance with preparing your financial statements so you can make better business decisions. Financial statements are usually composed of financial reports that are supplemented by analysis and discussion. Our team is experienced in preparing statements that include information about your business’ financial position and performance.

Analysis and Comparison of Financial Statements

An analysis of your financial statements and comparison with similar firms in the same industry can show the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Through a careful ratio analysis, we can provide a detailed report that will give you useful insights on your company’s performance and how to improve processes to generate more revenue.

Planning Growth and Managing Budgets

After thoroughly studying your business, we will provide feasible recommendations on managing budgets and growth planning. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about time-consuming analysis and reports necessary for mapping development. We will create an organized process that increases profits and reduces costs, leading to higher investment returns.

Experienced and Client-Oriented Services

Along with the resources of Larson & Company, we leverage our extensive experience and knowledge in helping businesses grow. Our expertise in tax and accounting can be an invaluable asset to both small and medium-sized businesses in developing and improving financial processes to ensure maximum profits. We utilize both practical and innovative methodologies to give you solutions that match every stage of your business’ life cycle.

Get advice from tax and accounting experts for efficient financial management of your expanding business. Contact us at (801) 313-1900 or click here to get more information about our services for individuals and businesses.