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Resolution of Tax Problems

Although taxation involves a lot of strict rules and documentation to prevent fraud, problems and disputes can still arise. Regardless if you have trouble understanding the tax implecations of your business, you suspect errors in your taxes, or you have been suspected of tax fraud, you will need a tax specialist who can advise and guide you through these processes. A tax attorneyalternative or U.S. Tax Court practitioner from Salt Lake City-based Larson & Company, formerly The Summerhays Group, will be your tax expert who will help you in resolving your tax problems.

Tax Lawyers: More Than Just Proxy Tax Preparers

Tax lawyers & Tax Practitioners who are licensed to represent clients in U.S. Tax Court are typically assigned to prepare and file tax returns in place of a business or individual, but they can do far more than the average accountant. Their main job is to ensure that their clients do not experience any tax-related problems. They can also be employed by businesses seeking to minimize their tax obligations through legal means. In addition, tax attorneys and tax practitioners, licensed to represent clients in U.S. Tax Court, can represent their clients should there be any legal disputes.

When to Call a Tax Lawyer or U.S. Tax Court Practitioner for Support

Due to their general function as tax assistants to their clients, tax attorneys and U.S. Tax Court Practitioner can be called to resolve a variety of tax issues. Such concerns include:

  • Planning an estate and filing for estate tax returns
  • Deciding upon the structure and tax treatment of your company
  • Conducting international business, which involves contracts, taxes, and similar other legal matters
  • Planning a suit against the IRS
  • Reviewing your current tax conditions before the Tax Court
  • When you are under suspicion by the IRS for tax fraud

What to Look for in a Tax Lawyer & U.S. Tax Court Practitioner

You cannot just enlist any tax attorney and U.S. Tax Court practitioner to serve your business; you will want only the most capable and certified professionals to handle your tax concerns. Make the following considerations before selecting a tax lawyer for your business:

  • Does the tax attorney or tax representative have license to represent clients in U.S. Tax Court?
  • Has the lawyer or tax practitioner received any advanced training in taxation laws?
  • Does the attorney have a background in accounting? Is the lawyer also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)?

If you are looking for a tax attorneyand/or a U.S. Tax Court practitioner to represent you within the Salt Lake Cityarea that fulfills most of the above considerations, then look no further than Larson & Company's Karen Summerhays, formerly of The Summerhays Group. Our team of professionals has the certifications and experience necessary to help you with whatever tax problems you may encounter. You can trust us to find creative solutions to your concerns, all while allowing your business to focus on other matters at hand.