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QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Handle your tax and accounting information like a pro! At The Summerhays Group, now a part of Larson & Company, we offer QuickBooks support that can help streamline your bookkeeping and organize business finances. By combining our dedicated services and use of the highly-versatile QuickBooks software, we are able to empower businesses in efficiently managing financial tasks.

An exceptional software for handling business accounting and financial statements, QuickBooks can save you from countless hours of trying to organize and prepare financial information. It can provide financial statements, reports, and graphs in a timely manner.

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we can help you maximize the benefits of using the program through the selection of the right product as well as its proper installment, setup, and usage. We help you get the full value of the software by showing you how it can be used as more than just a tool for year-end tax preparation. With our guidance, you can accelerate daily financial management and have accurate accounting information when you need it.

What We Do

QuickBooks offers various programs for different types of businesses. What we do is find the right program that suits your business, allowing you to reap all the benefits of using the software. Our experts will provide personal training through one-on-one tutorials or by teaching several of your staff members.

Upon determining which program matches your needs, we will install QuickBooks—be it on your computer or in a network environment in single or multi-user mode. With new users, we will help with the initial structuring of the software. This includes:

  • EasyStep Interview
  • Preferences
  • Lists
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Employees
  • Banking
  • Reports

Our specialists can also show experienced users how to improve their present program setup in order to manage their finances more proficiently. We’ll help you avoid an inadequate setup that will lead to improper use and inability to generate vital information. On top of the accounting and payroll assistance we can provide, we also offer QuickBooks Review services for businesses that need an expert to evaluate accounting and payroll data.

Call us at (801) 313-1900 or click here to get more information about our QuickBooks Pro Advisor services.